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Examens de Mintche

Keelgif Voilà je poste les réponses des 3 examens de Mintche. L'ordre des questions est aléatoire et lorsqu'il y a plusieurs réponses c'est parceque la même question est posée plusieurs fois avec des propositions différentes.

BEGINNER - Récompense: Titre Namco Teacher pour Reid.

* What item is needed at the Frozen River north of Snowfria? -> Fur Cape
* What is the name of the navy that resides in Aquaveil? -> Black Cross Navy
* What color is the ribbon on the head of Ms. Pac-Man? -> Pink
* What is Philia's rank at Straylize temple? -> Priestess
* What happened to Marian in Mikheil? -> Escaped in the lower pod
* What is the name of the bio-alloy found at Trash Mountain?-> Belselium
* What colour are the eyes of Pac-Man? -> Black
* What does Rembrandt of Mikheil often say?-> Hee, hee!
* What is the name of the sea dragon that gave Philia a ride? -> Bernardo
* What is the mini-game played at Cherik? -> Tag
* Which character is the official mascot of Namco? -> Pac-Man
* Which game is not featured in Namco Museum Volume 3? -> Klonoa/Mr. Driller
* Which one of these does not belong on the list? -> Air Combat, Target Zone
* Which character does not belong in the list? -> Stahn Aileron
* Which one of these titles was not produced by Namco? -> Fighting Calibur, Tales of Dragon
* Which one of these is not a Namco arcade hit? -> Dragon Valor
* Who is Stahn's sister? -> Lilith
* Who stirred up hatred in Junkland? -> Philia
* How many doors in the Hidden Temple can be unlocked with a Swordian? -> 3
* When Karyl appeared in Moreau, He said People call me OO -> Blue Lightning
* Of the many shops that migrated from Darilshield to Radisrol, which was the first to settle?-> Inn
* Of the 7 Generals of Seinegald, who was the only female General? -> Melina
* In the castle, what item possessed by Stahn's party was used as a homing beacon? -> Tiara
* Why did Alba request for Chelsea to return? -> Sew buttons on his pants
* To where below the anti-grav elevator of Radisrol linked? -> Darilsheid
* At Cloudius, what does Baruk reveal about his intentions for the world? -> Return the world to zero

INTERMEDIATE - Récompense: Titre Namco Professor pour Reid.

* What is Mr. Driller's tool of choice? -> Jackhammer
* What is the name of the player's ship in Xevious? -> Solvalou
* What is the name of aeropolis where the Antigrav Cruiser can be found? -> Mikheil
* What is the name of the heavily wooded aeropolis? -> Cloudius
* What did Alba give Stahn when he returned with Chelsea from the mountain? -> Melange Gel
* What is Mary's specialty dish? -> Beast Meat Supreme
* What is embroidered on Klonoa's hat? -> Pac-Man
* What did Chelsea cook for Alba when he feigned his illness? -> Risotto
* Which game title is correct? -> Cyber Sled
* Which fruit is Pac-Man most likely to eat? -> Cherry
* Which game was not featured in Namco Museum Vol.1? -> Dig Dug
* Which one of these cars was not featured in Ridge Racer V? -> Ziblant XS
* Which Namco character performs the Rising Impale? -> Clovis Barclay
* Which character has the biggest ears? -> Klonoa
* Which Doctor does not work for Namco? -> Dr. Right
* Who is the bad guy in Time Crisis 2? -> Ernest Diaz
* Who is Stahn's childhood friend? -> Rufus
* How many force fields are there in Straylize Shrine? -> 5
* How many bikes and riders are featured on the cover of the MotoGP instruction manual? -> 3 bikes, 3 riders
* In a bar at Janos, a stranger says 'Let's make a toast to your beautfiul "..." -> sparkling eyes
* In which game might you encounter Heaven and Hell? -> R4
* For how long does the Neutralizer effective against the poison in Junkland? -> 60 seconds
* For whom did Karyl have feelings? -> Eleanor
* In Tekken 3, who's death did Jin Kazama wish to avenge? -> Mother
* In which game would you burn rubber on a real racing circuit? -> MotoGP
* After the fall of Belcrant, what can you play after winning 5 times in the Arena? -> Ghost Hunt
* Members of the Dark Wings are John 'The Beast', Whirlwind Milly, and Grid the "..." -> Omnipotent
* Name the artist who designed the characters in Tales of Destiny -> Mutsumi Inomata
* Symphony, Samba, March and Rambo. These are the skills of which character? -> Karyl
* ((123+200) x 2 + 123) - 4 = ?-> 765

- Récompense: Titre de Namco Otaku pour Reid.

* What color is Mr. Driller's Helmet? -> Pink
* Which one of these is not a Tekken character? -> Hwang
* Which ghost in Pac-Man is the color Orange? -> Blinky
* Which ghost in Pac-Man is the color Pink?-> Pinky
* Which one of these is a Namco game? -> Cutie Q, Warp & Warp
* Which one of these is not a character from Dig Dug? -> Clyde
* Which one of these is a Namco arcade hit? -> Jackpot2, Ninja Assault, Pinpoint Shot, Pac Man's Ticket Factory, World Kicks, Horse
* Which one of these is not a Namco game? -> Blah Blah, Pac-Man Ex, Lightning & Thunder, Flip Flop, Pot Holes, Pac-Sac, Final Lap 1, Dragon Knight, Drag Racer, The End                
* In which game might you find yourself in the Creepy Catabombs? -> Pac-Man World
* In MotoGP, you might call your "ghost" a "..."-> Trail Image
* When was the original Tekken first released? -> 1994
* The Tower of Druaga board game was released in the year "..." -> 1985
* How many mazes were featured in the original Pac-Man game? -> 1
* My name is Mappy. I am a "..." -> Mouse
* Cyber Sled is a game that takes place in the year "..." -> 2067

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